Sunday, 1 March 2015

Sunday Summary 01/03

Well, just looked back and realised it's been two weeks since I last posted, my bad!
Anyone in their final year at uni will understand how you literally lose your brain cells and memory at this point...but whateverrrr, I'm going to make it through. No stress!

I said I was going to do Sunday Summaries, so... here I am again, doing one for you!

1|| Will and I went on a little adventure around London and found a few little gems. This one is where Winston Churchill lived :) 
2|| Embrace the curls. If you have them, don't straighten them. Don't be boring.
3|| Late night songwriting vibes. Songwriting and new covers for all of you have been taking up my time this week.
4|| No words needed. I spoilt Will to a Harry Potter filled weekend, this time last week. Blog post coming very soon! 
5|| An amazing package from The Protein Pick and Mix and Graze, as always. Quest bars and sugar free Nutella fo' life yo.

Things I have decided are true this week?

1|| Harry Potter is real
2|| I procrastinate like crazy
3|| People care more about a dress that may or may not be gold or blue than they should

And that's that...
Enjoy your Sunday!

Much Love

Chloë Rona

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