Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Sunday Summary 14/03

Hey Hey!

I know it's Tuesday (still Monday for me, because I am still awake...SHOCKER). But it is exam week, my timetable is crazy, I am only just managing to do a weekly update now, that is all I have time for!! I'm sorry! Trust me, I'd rather be writing a blog post than an essay...

So I'm just going to quickly pop up a couple snaps of my favourite moments this week.

1|| My Pops enjoying the size of his coffee a bit too much at Le Pain Quotidien 
2|| The amazing Vegan Coconut Chia Pudding at Le Pain. (I went Vegan for a couple weeks, Post to come)
3|| OOTD. Leather Jacket & Jumper - AllSaints. Bag - Urban Outfitters
4|| Architects @ Roundhouse were on point (Post to come.)
5|| Exam week. Killer. Technology remix of a Moby track I was working on.
6|| My beautiful new MacBook Air 11", kitted out with a Michael Kors Sleeve & Alexander McQueen "Savage Beauty" Background
7|| Last but DEFINITELY not least. George, my housemate, not coping very well with exam week.

Much Love,

Chloë Rona

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