Sunday, 22 March 2015

Fuck it, I'm a dreamer and I'm dreaming on.

For anyone who doesn't know, yes, I sing more electronic stuff now, but you can't forget your roots.
I've always had a weird music taste, Electronic, Metal and R&B kinda being my go to favs. Which covers everything a bit... Basically I am easily pleased, apparently!

That's a lie, I'm not easily pleased, I am so fussy with bands/artists I actually like in those genres. Especially in Metal, because my God, do you get some shockers... I can't stand the winey singing stuff. Not to say it's bad, just not quite my thing anymore :) I also can't deal with overly heavy stuff, because I'm a bit of a pussy, let's be honest. So I just like a happy medium. So Architects, sit kinda perfect! And, that's exactly who I'm writing about...

So, most important people first, the vocals (I AM JOKING), Sam Carter... where do I start, how do you do that?! How do you get through an entire gig without messing up once?! It's not even just him, that whole band are so so on point. Perfect balance of serious and pissing about as well... gotta have a bit of fun really, can't be dealing with bands that take themselves too seriously! Saying that though... I am going to have to rant in a bit.. prepare yourself.

Roundhouse, immense. Architects, obviously immense.
They put on a show, perform well, connect with the crowd, they tick all the boxes. I was pleasantly surprised that they didn’t do their usual moaning. Sorry guys, but you don’t half moan in interviews. My only bit of sceptisism was that they would do that on stage, but thank God, there was none of that, they were pretty much the opposite, super appreciative and blown away as it was their biggest show to date, and their tour finale.

BUT. Here comes the rant... So, my Boyfriend, Will, told me the other day about an interview they had recently. with VICE, which you can read (here). I do agree with them that music needs to be sending a message and not just about insignificant nonsense, but insignificant nonsense is still quite nice sometimes if you just want to mentally chill out and turn off. I definitely think they should do a bit of research before saying Of Mice & Men are screaming about home cooked dinners, maybe then they might think before they speak, as the song is actually about Austin Carlille’s Mum, who passed away when he was 17. (Read Here) Just seems a whole lot like putting other people down to justify what you’re doing?
I actually did an essay recently on what other people in the music industry see as musicians and how confused the whole industry is, it was super interesting, when I get my grades back (if they’re good) I might tell you about it. But something that stood out to me was something that my friend and Will said in the surveys they did for me. ‘If you’re moaning about what someone else is doing then you’re not putting enough time into what you’re doing. Why does what other people do effect you?!'
Saying all that though, I would still definitely recommend seeing them live if you have the chance. They are decent guys and good musicians, they just need to cheer up a bit and maybe not lay into other people so much!

But again, put that aside, Architects are AMAZING. Too many bands/artists are too quick to fire insults, not just them, it actually pained me to say anything bad about them.

Much Love,

Chloë Rona

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