Tuesday, 3 March 2015

I Solemnly Swear that I am up to no good


Promise not to be jealous when you read this post, 'kay?

Don't mean to brag but... sometimes, I manage to be pretty awesome (by shear luck).

Okay, so I've built this up enough. A few months ago, early December to be precise (that feels like way too long ago), Will, my boyfriend, put his trust in me that I was going to sort our Christmas presents out this year, all he had to do was give me the money.
We are a very 'Do things over buy things' kind of couple, we would prefer to spend money on doing awesome things with each other than buying/receiving expensive presents. Although, Will hasn't quite got the hang of it and does both. Not complaining...
I'm proud of this, I kept this years activity a secret from him from EARLY DECEMBER to THE SECOND WE WALKED THROUGH THE DOOR LAST SUNDAY. Proud moment. I am a secret keeper, just saying.

I've dragged this out. My bad.

Three words.

On Sunday we went on the Muggle Tour, which was very cold, very long and a bit embarrassing at times, but SO worth it. You are taken to see lots of places that influenced J.K. Rowling, places that were in the film and I think I know more about Harry Potter than I know about myself now. I for some reason didn't take any photos... I KNOW. What happened? I was freezing my tits off, so I'm guessing my hands just weren't coming out of my pockets for any camera. Sorry...

Sunday night we stayed at The Georgian House Hotel, by Victoria. This is where my genius idea started, I can't remember where I found this place, but when I checked them out I saw they did this WHOLE package, for a pretty decent price, they organised everything!

Just look at this place...

Wizard Chamber, Georgian Hotel

Wizard Chamber, Georgian Hotel

Wizard Chamber, Georgian Hotel

Wizard Chamber, Georgian Hotel

No words needed, no words.

Clearly, no good Harry Potter weekend would be complete without the Warner Brother's Studio Tour. It's actually nuts, the majority of the things in the film that you would think were special effects aren't, they are actually fully functioning props. Like the Chamber of Secrets Door, the one with all the moving Snakes... yeah they actually move. I know. MIND. BLOWN.

Basically I have now decided it's all real. Harry Potter exists. Hogwarts have just slipped up and not realised I am awesome and full of magic, they'll apologise and fast track me through soon.

Warner Bros Studios, Harry Potter

Warner Bros Studios, Harry Potter

Warner Bros Studios, Harry Potter
Had NO idea the animals would be there! FANG! :)

Warner Bros Studios, Harry PotterWarner Bros Studios, Harry Potter, Dumbledore

Warner Bros Studios, Harry Potter, Mirror of Erised
I saw myself with a record deal and an album out. He saw....me. Obviously. (You'll get that if you've seen/read Hazza P and you know what this mirror is)

Warner Bros Studios, Harry Potter, Mandrake

Warner Bros Studios, Harry Potter

Warner Bros Studios, Harry Potter, Diagon Alley

Warner Bros Studios, Harry Potter, Privet Drive

Warner Bros Studios, Harry Potter
The happiest kid there.

Oh and I was sorted into either Slytherin or Gryffindor. This makes me on par with Harry Potter. Just saying.

On that note...

Much Love,

Chloë Rona

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