Sunday, 15 February 2015

Sunday Summary 15/02

I have decided I am going to start doing weekly summaries (most weeks, some weeks they might just be too boring for your eyes), this way I can keep you updated in a more structured way, and those of you who know me know that I love a bit of structure in my life. Control freak, yes.

So this week has been a bit of a crazy one for me! If you spied my previous blog post, you will see that I rebranded EVERYTHING to run along side my career as a music artist. You will no longer find anything under my previous name of Little Hufff, but now under Chloë Rona, sorry if this confused anyone! Good news though, this means I will be so much more active on here and providing you with lots of my chitter chatter, videos, music and probably general nonsense that was fun at the time. So keep an eye, I really hope you all like where this exciting stuff will be going!!

I know it was just my first baby step, but this week has really shown me how much people step up when you need them to, and how much they really do care! Put your faith in people sometimes, it may not just be a front, they may actually be nice people!
I am terrible for that, I am far to cynical, I always think people are pretending to care and as soon as you're gone, they will forget, but the amount of support I have received this week from so many different people, people I haven't spoken to in years and people I don't even know, has just left me completely speechless.
So, if you are reading this, then you are one of those amazing people! You babe, you ;)

1, 2 3 & 4 || An incredible vegetarian/healthy restaurant just off Oxford Street, Ethos. Highly recomend!
5 || Lovely calm before the storm, full of goodness green smoothie bowl before my performance exam (hence the lyrics). With Organic Burst Maca & Wheatgrass. Honestly, I can't live without this company. So much love!
6 || Launch of all my online artist pages! Links at the side.
7 || New Uniform from the best company to work for! All Saints. Top || Nicole Piuma Top Jeans || Mast/Slashed Black Shoes || Aiden Jules Boots
8 || The building I live in somehow caught fire
9 || I managed to slam my finger in a fire door running out. Classic Chloë, make a bad situation even worse!
10 || Another cheeky photo from my Shoot ;)

Things I have learnt this week?

1 || People will AMAZE you when given the chance
2 || When you believe in yourself, others believe in you as well
3 || Exams can be super fun! Especially when it is the 'Rock & Metal' term.
4 || I don't give my Parents enough credit at how amazing they are

Here is my cover of 'Blind Heart' by Cazzette again for you!

Much Love,

Chloë Rona

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