Sunday, 1 February 2015

Open your eyes, let yourself be inspired!

Where do I start with last week? Well, it has been a roller coaster for sure, but an inspiring one.
Firstly, I am lucky enough to be going to a very good music school in West London, BIMM. Honestly, it hasn't always been good (sorry), but this year it has definitely stepped it's game up and I will now finally say that I recommend it to any musician looking to study in London.
Now, being in my final year is really starting to sink in.   I need to get things moving with my music and getting past a lot of the personal things that have been holding me back. It is easy to let time pass you by, work within your comfort zone, but not actually do anything to make a difference to getting to the next level. I believe what is said a lot, but few people really take in, 'Hurdles are all in your mind'. Yes, they may physically be there, like something new you need to learn, passing exams or not having enough money to support what you want to do (these are my current hurdles). I say it is all in your mind because all it takes to get passed these is changing your mindset. Okay, I need to learn something new... so stop looking at things you can't afford and go learn! I need to pass exams, that is obvious, REVISE. I don't have money...cut back on certain costs or things I don't need and work with what you've currently got, prioritise!
Of course, some things really are an issue and for some people, it might be very different. But if you switch your mindset to be more positive, as I said before, everything just comes that little bit more manageable.

I've gone off on a bit of a tangent. So, inspiring moment of the week, number one.
BIMM organised a couple of incredible masterclasses this week, the first one with Ella Eyre and her management, Charlie Arme and James Merritt. I'm going to have to say it, but my God is that girl beautiful! Not just in the way she looks but her personality, how clearly she sees the world for what it is, she is so down to earth! It just goes to show, if you are successful at a young age, you don't automatically turn into a spoilt diva.
Her and her management had so many insightful, inspiring things to say, I would be here all day if I tried to share it all, but I will give you a few of the main things.
Ella definitely seemed to understand that you have to work for everything you want in life, there aren't any shortcuts or cheats, especially as a singer, you really have to sacrifice some things. In many people's cases, your social life is going to take a huge hit. But in the long run, missing a few nights out (no one is saying all of them) for success in a career that takes you all over the world, that you love, it is worth it. Working, university and personal projects are a lot for anyone to handle! Just don't be afraid to say you can't, if your friends are true friends, they will support you and stick with you.
Another point raised was how much this generation uses social media, it is all well and good having your head stuck in the sand, but the rest of the world will be flying pass you. Social media presence is so so important to get your name and image out there. Don't just put any old garbage out there though, be clever, think about what you want your image to be and how you want people to see you. Sometimes it isn't necessarily garbage, it can be a good image or track, but it still won't be how you want to be seen, think about EVERYTHING that goes out to the public before you post it.
Carrying on from that, when you are thinking about your image you have to bare in mind, you can't be something that someone has done before. You have to be different, unique, you have to have something that stands out as YOU.
The main thing that was obvious though, was how well Ella and her management got on, and the respect they had for each other. Neither of them was on top or in charge, they listened to each other and worked well as a team. In this industry, it is so easy to be dragged in by the promises and dazzling offers that you find yourself signed up to a deal with someone who tells you what to do and doesn't care at all about what you want...and then you're stuck.
Key piece of information: If you have the right management, positivity, understanding and respect for the people around you, you will be able to create the music you want.
I LOVE this quote that someone said to Ella once, 'You are the CEO of yourself, your own brand'. You have to look after yourself, what you stand for and make decisions with great thought. Your life literally depends on it. Be picky and forceful with what you want, it shows you care.

Number two, is another masterclass BIMM organised, they were on a roll last week!
MNEK! Seriously, the most genuine, intelligent, funny guy ever and he said he loved my ink and anyone who says that is cool by me.
So much of what he said backed up exactly what Ella Eyre was saying, you really have to be in the right place at the right time, or rather, PUT YOURSELF IN THE RIGHT PLACE AT ALL TIMES. Then eventually, you will find yourself there. Also, you have to put in so many hours, the hours you put in, you will get back. In a year’s time when you look back, you will see how far you have come.
MNEK was talking to us all about song writing, giving us a few little tips and ways to change our process of writing electronic based tracks.
There is something about listening to someone basically my age, who is successful, talking about how they do something I have been trying to teach myself for the past two years. It just makes so much more sense, and more understandable. It gave me the courage I needed to push myself and motivate myself to get off my ass and go for what I want, in a way that I hadn't in so long! It kind of helps that the guy is a genius, some people can tell you for days their ways of doing things, but it just takes one inspiring person to suggest their way, you try it and it all clicks into place. Since that masterclass I have been messing about on Logic, on my iMac, constantly trying to find new sounds and write new tracks.

If I had one piece of advice from last week it would be to listen to people. And I mean REALLY LISTEN. Take notes, record them, contact them again later if you need to, but when people are talking about something you could benefit from, take in everything they say. Definitely don't pass up an opportunity to speak to and hear from these people!! If you are in a position to talk to people and learn from people and all you have to do is put yourself out there and ask, then do it! I did that last week with a tutor who isn't my normal tutor, and I learnt SO much in just a 45 minute, or so, chat with him in a coffee shop.

LET YOURSELF BE INSPIRED. Don't hide away if you feel inspiration seeping, that is the worst thing you can do.

Anyway. Rant/Essay/Hopefully helpful words OVER.
Now, go and do stuff...

Much Love,


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