Sunday, 8 February 2015

Best of the 90s

The 90s, personally, I think that was the best decade. I am not bias at all. I wasn't born in 1992...... I was and I am bias.
I genuinely do miss the 90s though, even though I only probably remember about 4 years of it, and that is pushing it. Some of the fashions definitely carried over into the millennium though, so I am counting a small portion of that!

I like doing posts like this every now and then, we all need a bit of silly in our lives.

So best things/things I remember clearest from the 90s? You don't have to agree with me, but you DO have to tell me your favourites!

Most important things first, of course. Toys!

I actually completely forgot about these things until I did a little research. I want one again!

I wish I had one of these. My Mum found them creepy, I never got one. I am actually seeing her point now though...

If no one else remembers these, they are going to look really weird. They were super slippy and really wrong now I am thinking about it...
This one is an obvious one. I am still waiting for mine to have a baby... what even was the point in these and who made that lie up?!

Every week I got one, if I got 100% in my weekly Maths test. If not... well obviously there was no 'if not'. I always got 100% of course... Ha..ha...
THE BEST. I want one again.
The only Gymnastics class I didn't try to miss.

Well my life hasn't turned out the way it was going to according to 'MASH'
Oh Neopets, I wasted so much time on you.
On to the films...

Oh, Heath Ledger <3

If only my Disney collection still looked like this....
And the Music...

So this song... We had a whole dance to this... yeah...


Last but not least, these babies... why have they come back?.... WHY.

Am I the only one that is weirdly happy that the 90s style (Apart from the Jellies) is now cool again?! Air Maxes, Dungarees and Chokers for days!!!

Much Love


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  1. Chloe you are 100% right. I was born in 1989 but the 90's is definitely my favourite decade. All of that brought back so much. Love you lots Ellie xx