Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Spotify's Playlists are a Beautiful Thing

I have this annoying problem, it's a highly important, life ruining problem. 
I always get bored of playlists on my Spotify so quickly. Yeah, I lied, not life ruining, but it is a consistent annoyance that I run into pretty often.
It took me ages to clock on to the fact that they actually have playlists that get updated regularly. Yes, I know, you all knew that ages ago. 
Seriously though, that is amazing, sorted my laziness right out, I don't even have to bother faffing about with it anymore.

So, I thought I would give you a little peek at my favourite Spotify playlists. Some of them are pretty weird, not going to lie. Just remember, I like weird things, you don't have to agree with me, that's just the way I am, no apologies here! ;)

I will attach a link to the title, so you can fly straight to them. In no particular order, here you go..

Spotlight on New Music - This play list is great for finding new music, hence the name. Granted, it has some weird crap on it, but it has some gems on there that I definitely wouldn't have found if I didn't have it playing away in the background. I always have new music playlists playing in the background when I am doing something mindless like cooking or housework. If something is good enough to grab your attention when you aren't paying it full attention, it is worth taking a note of. That's how I assess music I jot down to listen properly to later. I found Ibeyi on this playlist, who I now can't go a day without listening to.

This is... The Year of House Take Over - I don't need to say much about this. People who know me will know, I am a House head.  This has some bangers on it, it also has a few questionable ones, but perfection is hard to find.

Zane Lowe's Hottest Records (BBC Radio 1) - Everyone loves Zane Lowe, everyone also knows he has possibly the most varied music taste. Which is why this playlist is awesome, it's got a little bit of everything, so it would be pretty hard for someone objecting to this playing in the background. If they do, tell them to get out. Problem solved.

Topsify UK Rock Top 40 - It is pretty important to me to stay on top of different genres, my two primary genres have always been Rock and House. At first I guess they are pretty opposite ends of the spectrum, but if you think about it, they are both very bass heavy and are very rhythmic. I think that is what draws me in, I definitely have a habit of leaning toward that when I am writing my own material as well. Anyway, I side tracked again, this playlist is quite self explanatory. Lots of Rock, lots of good stuff.

Annie Mac's Musical Hot Water Bottle (BBC Radio 1) - The title of this describes it quite nicely. It really is like a little hot water bottle. All cozy, easy to listen to and my go to when I get in from a long day at uni. I do love Annie Mac, I think she is yet to recommend a track that I have questioned her reasoning. This playlist isn't just a load of thumping dance tracks, she actually has quite an array of different tracks on there!

topsify - I saved this one for last because, lets be honest, if you use Spotify, you probably know about topsify. It's a definite go to, topsify is not a single playlist, they have a selection of playlists, with the current top tracks in genres from indie, to dance, to what is brand new. Obviously I am loving the dance one..

To be honest, just have a gander on the 'Browse' section of spotify, if you search around for long enough, you will stumble on a playlist which will keep your attention for a long time, especially if they are updated often. Not all of the ones I put up above are updated regularly, but they are still worth a listen. Obviously the 'Top Tracks' ones are, so keep them saved!!

So that is a few for you, honestly, I partially posted this so I could steal some of your playlist suggestions, ulterior motive, sorry. Spotify could definitely work on getting a few more House playlists on there that I don't have to skip multiple tracks in-between every good one.
Get a Tough Love playlist on there, go on Spotify, you know you wanna...

Suggestions? Fire away, I'd appreciate ;)

Much Love


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