Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Happy New Year!!!!

So, New Year, new start and all that, who's got New Years resolutions? And who is actually going to stick to them?

I am actually not setting myself one this year, because I feel last year was such a successful year for me in so many ways. This time last year, I would never think in a million years that I would be where I am now, only a year on.
So this year, my only resolution is to carry on the way I have been.
I find with resolutions, because you put so much expectation around it, it actually becomes harder to stick to and as soon as January is over, it goes way out the window. If there is something you really want to stick to, whether it be a diet, a promise to try harder to be productive or even just treat yourself a littler nicer, don't call it a resolution, call it a life change or something you think you will stick to and make it fun! Don't make it the be all and end all, if you slip up, that's fine, you don't even need to tell anyone, just pick up where you left off. After all, we are human, and we are allowed to not do everything the way we planned, otherwise we would be boring and just robots! We are allowed to have fun ;)

Back to New Years Eve though, what did you all do? I would love to know, might give me some ideas for things to do in future years!
I went to Troxy in London, Dollop (click for link to their Facebook) were holding an event there. MK, Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs, Wilfred Giroux and others were playing. Pretty safe to say it was an amazing way to start the year. Great friends, old and new, ridiculous music and talks of an even better year than the last!
Dollop puts on a few events around the country through out the year, check them out. Definitely worth it! It was set to be the best NYE night in London, so it had a fair amount of hype around it, but my God, did it deliver! The venue itself was crazy, Troxy is actually a theatre, but it lends itself well to these type of events, having a lower section which gets pretty packed and sweaty and a higher section that is enormous and you can chill out a bit back there. It even has a balcony section, as most theatres do, but you were allowed to sit up there and watch it all going off on the lower level, it was a bit mesmerising!

I can't apologise enough for the state of me in some of these photos, but welcome to our messy little world on NYE 2014:

Sorry for the terrible iPhone front camera quality photos!

Yeah. I think I rocked those glasses...

Half of the team.

Before I go, I promise you the last post is coming soon about my Albums of last year, I have had a bit of a crazy week. I am sorry!!

Much Love & New Year good wishes,

Chloë XO

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