Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Nothing better than a cosy winter night in

As it is Christmas Eve (!!!) It's pretty safe to say, winter has been well and truly settled in for a while now, the need for big furry coats and woolly hats has been flirting with my annoyingly empty bank account. 

I am personally, definitely not a winter person, I am a summer bunny. I put it down to that Maltese skin my mother dearest, so kindly, passed on to me. However, as much as I love a scorching Mediterranean beach day, there is something lovely and comforting about a cozy winter night in with the family or friends in front of the fire, with a lovely big, healthy mug of hot cacao and my puppy.

This is my standard pre sleep routine in the winter (Thanks for the book Lucia!)

My Pops and I take great pride in our Christmas trees!

Obviously my boy needs his very own Christmas jumper

Christmas is about appreciating new friends, as well as the old.

Although I am a summer girl, strangely, my fondest memories of being a little-un are the cosy Christmassy, winter nights playing board games with my family. The smell and sound of the fireplace crackling away, with our gorgeous old dog curled up in front of it.
I have a perfect routine when I am back home, I come in from my long day (of being highly productive, of course), then I whack on a nice chilled album or playlist, light a few candles, run the bath with some winter spice bubble bath (most likely The Magic Wand, Reusable bubble bar from lush) and stay there all nice and warm until mum serves up one of her famous healthy comfort dinners. Then comes the board games or a movie and the fire. 

Welcome to the Santa's grotto that I call home

There are a few things that absolutely make winter for me, hopefully in my little list you will find a new thing to add to yours. Share yours with me as well, I'm always looking to spend money I shouldn't be spending!! 

1. Big cozy coats for outdoor adventures, onesies for snuggling inside.
2. An enormous collection of winter accessories I.e. Earmuffs, beanies and gloves
3. Big mugs full of hot cacao
4. Christmas shopping in Covent Garden (it's a lot to handle, but worth it if you're in the right mood)
5. Huge thick knits
6. Christmas films, Elf never stops being funny and the grinch always melts my heart 
7. The Christmas UK Music Chart
8. Snuggling up in the warmth with my boy, after spending the day in the freezing cold (Either my boyfriend, or my dog come under that category! Will, don't kill me for that one..)
9. Winter Edition Yankee Candles
10. Every single second of Christmas day, the food, the family, the good energy and the love you can feel running through everything. 
Even though I prefer summer, Christmas has always been my favourite day of the year, it is just so magical and filled with happiness, family and LOTS of food. What more could you want?!

I am obssesed with pandas.
Wouldn't you just love this little Burberry car to deliver all your shopping home for you! Go see it in Covent Garden!

Anyway, it's Christmas Eve!!! Spend lots of time with family and friends, and hopefully you're all better than me and have done all your Christmas shopping! I will be madly rushing around in a few of hours as the shops are trying to close...
I wish you a magical, happy and fun Christmas!

Much Love, 


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