Sunday, 21 December 2014

Number 4. Black Messiah.

Last week something amazing happened.
Every muso was made very happy, and every one at my uni did a little happy dance. For one reason and one reason only.

The king returned. 

D'Angelo dropped his new album, 'Black Messiah' on 16 December and I have honesty never seen my facebook feed completely full of people from uni going absolutely nuts over an album. I've had to make the decision to drop another album from my top 5 to make room for this one. Which may come back to bite me, but...D'Angelo!!

The album speaks for itself, get onto spotify, YouTube or pop into HMV if you're old school, PURCHASE, not download and whack it on. It's full of the soulful, groove heavy, funk you would expect from D'Angelo. He hasn't tried to go down a new route to fit in, he has shown the world that great music is always great music, it doesn't need to be messed with.
I am personally, so happy he has done this his own way and not tried to bring in new elements of the current trends. A D'Angelo track is timeless, classy and not one thing gets overlooked.
14 years, it has taken him to release a new album since 'Voodoo', he hasn't been completely quiet though, working on features with other artists, a sneaky leaked track and an arrest (naughty). To be honest, it didn't look like it was all going too well for him. In 2012 however, he bounced back with a European tour, which far from surprisingly was pretty much sold out within a day of each ticket release. 
Which led nicely into 12 December 2014, the day 'Black Messiah' was released. This album is not an ordinary album, it is a protest album, giving a voice and attention to the activists fighting against the 'minority deaths at the hands of cops' (See this extremely informative blog post by Yohana Desta, for more information about how deep the album truly is)

I've got to say though, does this guy not age?! Come on now, there's already a Will Smith and a Keanu Reeves in the world. What are these people eating?! I want some as it clearly makes you immortal!! I mean, we all remember THE D'Angelo video, right? (If not then, here you go. You're welcome.) It has been 8 years since that was released, and he honestly doesn't look all that different. That video has a lot to be held accountable for, it is a huge reason as to why D'Angelo dropped off everyone's radar, he didn't want to be seen as a sex symbol, which says a lot about his character and his true love for what he does. Well D, you have turned yourself into a potential legend, job well done I'd say!

And on that note, have a wonderful Sunday night!

Much Love,

Chloë X

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