Sunday, 7 December 2014

Bring Me The Horizon at Underworld & No. 2 of 5 Album's of the Year!

Saturday, yet again!

These weeks are flying by way too fast at the moment! It hit me hard the other day that I am now entering the last week of the first term of my final year at uni. Less than a year and I am out into the big scary world of actually having to be an adult.
Somebody take me back 3 years please!! I don't feel like I have fully made the most of this time at all, but there's a high chance my expectations were a tad too high as well, as always.

So, if you are a Bring Me The Horizon fan, you will know that on Monday 1st they released tickets for their gig in Underworld in Camden for Wednesday 3rd. They sold out within minutes, no surprise.
Firstly, The Underworld in Camden is an awesome venue, if you are into rock and that kind of thing, the sound is incredible, the bands that have played there range from Fall Out Boy to KT Tunstall to Soundgarden and above everything, it is such an intimate venue. The capacity is around 500 people, which means that no matter where you are, you are pretty close! Hence,the crazy fast sell out and the last minute release!

Anyway, so my amazing friend George was on the case the second his little eye lids opened, bright and early on Monday morning and managed to get three tickets one for himself, Will (my boyfriend) and I. He is now, the self proclaimed, Ticket God.
For anyone who really wanted to go, didn't manage to get tickets and is super gutted, I suggest you skip to the 'Album of the Year' part of this post, because there's no chance of mysaying it wasn't worth it!
In my opinion, the 'Sempiternal' album is one of their best, alongside 'Suicide Season'. If you prefer a slightly more commercial sound, I would recommend Sempiternal. When I say commercial, don't go away thinking 'Nicki Minaj style commercial', because if it were, I would not be recommending it! I mean a more melodic sound than their original material, something you can actually almost sing along to without sounding like a mix between a strangled cat and a weird alien mating call.
Being their newest album, most of the set-list was from that album, with a couple of their older songs thrown in, which always goes down well with the fans who like to tell everyone they have 'been there since the beginning'.

I have no clever or profound words for this. It speaks for itself.

My verdict is definitely that BMTH have once again, killed it. The production, courtesy of Jordan Fish, was ridiculous. George, who is a producer, was practically crying at how phenomenal the sound coming out of those speakers was. Will, well, he was in the pit before I had even realised what was happening, so that is how you know he is happy. Me? Well Oli Sykes' stage presence just blows me away every time, other than the obvious that he is kinda pretty, it is hard to own a stage to the extent that someone is waving a flag, flapping their hair in your face and your main focus is STILL watching the front man.
The band as a whole are so incredibly tight now, if you watch some of their older live videos on YouTube, they weren't always that way!
The only thing about seeing this band now, for me, is I don't think it will ever beat the time I saw them at The Circle, a 50 capacity tattoo shop in London, last summer. That truly was insane, probably in my top two gigs ever, alongside Enter Shikari.

So onto the next bit, my second choice for my personal Top 5 Albums of the year, I am going to have to give to Beyoncé's album, once again, with the all inventive title of.... Beyoncé! Very different to Lower Than Atlantis (My previous selection), and probably quite different to the rest. But hey, it's Beyoncé, she's called Queen B for a reason!
It's exactly what you'd expect, loud, full of attitude and catchy as hell, with complete raw emotion everywhere that is necessary. 7/11 and Partition are the obvious, yet still favourites, for me! 
The only thing I would say about this album, but I am not going to get into it here because this topic makes me so mad; I really think some people need to understand the true meaning on feminism before claiming to be one. Letting Kanye West say 'That cowgirl, you reverse that cowgirl. You reverse, you reverse, and I impregnated your mouth, girl' in your track, kind of erases any feminist credibility you once had. Not to mention the countless things she also says through out... But, as I said, I am not getting into that, this topic causes arguments and nobody wants that on a Saturday night!

Now, excuse me, whilst I go and get my pizza and an episode of Supernatural (ideal Saturday night for one)

Much Love,


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