Saturday, 29 November 2014

1st Entry for Album of the Year!

Goooood Saturday Morning :)

I love waking up happy, such a strong start for a good day. Of course, it does help if you have a nice little day of plans ahead of you as well. 

Now I have said that, I kind of have to share don't I? Well, to be honest, the first half is not hugely exciting as I have to finish an essay for University, then I am working a baby shift, only four hours. I quite like where I work, which is so important, earning money doesn't have to be that much of a chore, as long as you work with people you enjoy being with, it can be fun!
This is the big one though, tonight I am going to the Southbank IMAX to see Interstellar with my boyfriend, if you haven't seen the trailers for this yet, CHECK IT OUT. I will tell you more when I know more (if you want a spoiler), but I have heard it is really like being in space, so seeing it at the IMAX will be awesomeee! EEK!

The point in this blog post, is actually nothing to do with that though! I was going to get started on putting forward my candidates for my favourite albums of the year, as we are edging oh so close to December (and Christmas!!!). There are a few strong contenders, I think I am going to choose five, just to make it super hard for myself... there are SO many!!!! So, my first...DUN DUN DUUUUN... is Lower Than Atlantis' album, which came out October this year, which has the incredibly inventive name of... Lower Than Atlantis. 

A lot of artists tend to call one album by their name, as a way of saying that they think that album might potentially be their best, they want it to be double associated to them I guess (greedy). 

I don't know what happened to me in the past couple months, but my 'seeking new music game' has been SO off. I literally had not crawled out of my little gremlin hole for so long to test the new waters. I only found this album about two weeks ago, it came out on the 6th October! I know.... shocking, I am useless.
However, I am sure some people haven't even heard it yet, if you are one of those people, load up YouTube or Spotify, or whatever you kids use these days, and listen to the WHOLE album. Do not skip one song, I am forbidding you to do that. 'Here We Go' is the first and biggest single off the Album, then came 'English Kids in America' and 'Emily' is the most recent.
I loved this album so much that I am hoping to record an acoustic cover of one of the songs in the next couple weeks. I am not telling you which one though, it can be a cheeky little surprise. So, stay tuned!

So today's checklist for you:

1. Go find the Lower Than Atlantis album
2. Load it onto your MP3 player of choice/Burn it onto a CD/be old school and cool with your walkman (if you're from Shoreditch)
3. turn it UP
4. Enjoy your Saturday!

Much Love,


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