Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Hello....... Again! :)

I started this blog over a year ago, it went strong for a little while but then I went through an odd patch of life (as everyone does at some point) and stopped posting, but here I am again, back with a vengeance after being prompted by a tutor in uni.
It isn't going to be the same thing, it is going to be much less focused on health, it will be a lifestyle blog instead. No, not another lifestyle blog like every girl in the world seems to be doing now. Well actually, I guess it is, but I like to think I will make mine more interesting to some people, and this is why...

I look like a grumpy bitch in this, but i'm not, I promise!

I am a 22 year old girl living in West London,  studying Popular Music Performance Vocals and am currently in my final year of a degree (Scary stuff). We study a variety of music genres but I am leaning more toward the electronic and rock scene in my personal work, I know they are two very different genres, but I am indecisive and greedy ;)
My main interests are music (duuuh), fashion, health (any of you who followed my old blog will know I am a foodie) and going to as many new places as my TINY bank account will allow me. So there will still be a small focus on health, naturally as it is an important part of my every day life, but it won't be the main thing, because lets be honest... it's important and should be a subconscious way of life, but there are MUCH more fun things to talk about ;)
So let me tell you about the crazy London happenings (of which there are many), suggest new music for you to listen to, comment (be a bitch or fangirl) about music I have a strong opinion on and keep you up to date on all the fun things life in London has to offer.

So expect a very music-y, fashion-y, London-y and hopefully fun lifestyle blog.

Much Love,


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