Monday, 22 December 2014

We Scream Records. Definitely worth a listen!

It's always good to have something new enter the scene, especially if it has a lot of hype, excitement and therefore potential. Everything starts from the bottom and works it's way to the top (queue 'Drake -Started from the Bottom').
I don't know about you, but I absolutely love stumbling across a new artist, track or album and having something fresh to follow and fill that gap that is forever a little bit open.

What's better than an artist, track or album? A whole new label. All of it in one, and continuously releasing absolute bangers. By that incredibly descriptive choice of words, you will probably guess, it is an electronic label, predominantly House.

Let me introduce you to, We Scream Records.

Owned by Louis Robinson and Jono Green, right out of London, they bring you fresh Deep House and Tech House records from a variety of producers and artists from the UK and South Africa. 

They are currently in the middle of a Christmas and New Year campaign, so it would be a great time to check out what they have to offer on their Soundcloud, as the downloads are currently free. How lovely and generous, eh? (Click the word 'Soundcloud' for the link). 
I would definitely suggest to give 'Heart Strings' by Louis Robinson (Jono Green remix) and 'You got to Lose' a listen. Louis has just posted up a naughty little mix for you all as well, because he's nice like that! 

Got your attention? Check out their website and youtube page (again, click on the words for the links), Louis is also a resident DJ on London's Dance Power Station, 'Electric'! Where We Scream Records will be doing weekly takeovers every Sunday 6-7pm up until the New Year, so tune in here!
I can't stress enough how hard it is for musicians to get started in the industry, every share, follower, listen is like another Christmas present!

I actually met Louis at the London club, XOYO, about a month or so ago and started chatting. You meet the best, most interesting people when you least expect it. Especially in this industry, networking and socialising is key. Although, I can't exactly say I was in the best state, he is a genuinely really nice guy and very talented, so obviously, when he told me about his new label and showed me what he does, I had to share it with all of you too! You're welcome!

As I was writing this post, Louis has just told me, he has posted his brand new mix on youtube. Don't you feel special, getting this literally as it is happening?! This is my little Christmas Present to you all, enjoy!

Much Love,


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