Monday, 18 May 2015

Summary (Past Few Weeks)

I am horrendous. I know, I'm sorry. I am going to blame my finals again, I am also going to blame people though. Broad statement, potentially a bit of a dickish one as well, but why...WHY are people so unreliable?! I am going to be a one woman team. Or a weird version of Gollum that only relies on herself soon...

Anyways, just so you haven't all assumed I've died. If you cared... The past few weeks have looked a little like this...
It will be more than just updates soon, I promise. Pinky promise in fact.

1|| Superfood Salad at Jamie's Italian with Pops
2|| Masterclass with Lalah Hathaway at BIMM. She is a true inspiration.
3|| New Purchases. Both Necklaces are Regal Rose. A new fave!
4|| I am obsessed with Banana Ice Cream. Every morning.
5|| Morning well spent at Sky Garden with Tom Joy
6|| The amazing view minus us
7|| My best friends and I found a flat!!! YAY.
8|| One of the reasons they are my best friends...
9|| Uni work for daaaayyyyysss
10|| Lunching with my Boy at Moosh, Fulham. One of my favourite healthy go to's.
11|| Another shot of my ring and two chokers from Regal Rose
12|| The best work team at the best. Nandos, obviously.

More to come soon, I promise.

Much Love

Chloë Rona

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