Sunday, 14 February 2016

Love yourself this Valentines

Those who know me well will know, I am not a fan of valentines. Never have been, never will be. I just think love should be shown every day of the year, not just one. Luckily boys don't seem to mind this... wonder why!

Anyways...My valentines evening consisted of face pampering, soup and calming colouring books (I am poorly, that's my excuse), so I just thought I'd share with you a little pamper routine that I have fallen in love with, courtesy of my Mumma Bear (She's the only person I allow to treat me on Valentines)
The Braun epilator truly is a godsend, it is so much easier than sitting there for half an hour tweezering your face until you can't see what you're doing anymore, you've gone so cross eyed. You all feel me on that one, I know it.
Lips, chin, in-between your eyebrows, it does it all. It's nothing to be ashamed about, most girls get it, they just pretend they don't. If they didn't, do you really think there'd be a whole product made for it? I think not!
I'm not gonna sit here and tell you it doesn't hurt at all, it's not pain free, but it's also not as painful as I expected. I have a habit of expecting the worst though and being pretty good with pain. Hence tattoos and lip fillers.
But honestly, I really recommend this lil' guy! Not only does it speed up the process of getting rid of all those annoying little, very unwanted, hairs on your face but it also has a daily exfoliating wash head. Which I just used with my go to every day face wash from 'Yes to' and it worked a treat. After all this, it is so easy to take a part and clean as well.

After all that I thought my skin deserved a nice nourishing face mask from the Blue Lagoon, in Iceland. My parents went there not that long ago and got me two face masks. If you ever get a chance to go there, PLEASE do. I went there quite a few years back and that lagoon is just divine, you will come out feeling like an angel, and it is ALL natural! As you can tell by everything I use, I'm a bit of a sucker for all natural products.
Following the mask I fully moisturised my face and gave my lips a little scrub, and there you have it. How to spend Valentine's if you're not a believer! ;)

Much Love,


Braun Face Spa - Boots, John Lewis, Selfridges
Face Mask - Blue Lagoon
Face Wash - Yes To
Moisturiser - Sukin
Lip Scrub - Lush Bubblegum Lip Scrub
Books - Escape to Wonderland & Calm


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