Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Ever wondered how to live without wifi?

No, you probably haven't. Let's be honest...

You wouldn't put yourself through that torture unless you absolutely had to. No, torture isn't too strong of a word, it is like weaning yourself off a drug or cigarettes, you go through phases of withdrawal. But do you come out stronger?

We moved into our new flat 2 months ago now, and we got wifi 2 days ago. TWO WHOLE MONTHS. NO INTERNET. NO CONNECTION TO THE OUTSIDE WORLD.

Stage one.

'What do I do? Seriously, there is nothing to do other than stare at a wall. Activities? What are they?'
This is the weird one, you feel disconnected and it's funny how you GENUINELY have no idea what to do or how to communicate with people on a face to face level without getting awkward and running out of things to do. I kept finding myself getting so bored and sitting there just doing nothing... If you're wondering, going through photos on your phone and deleting them, because you only know how to be on your phone, is still nothing.

Stage two.

People are actually interesting, it starts getting easier to live without the constant pinging of some kind of computer. 
I personally realised in this stage, I had finished university a month ago at this point, my boyfriend had moved to a land far, far away and I was living with my two best friends. So umm.... do something? And I did... I got a place on an internship, like an actual career boosting internship, not just walking around selling clothes. (I'm aware that is a career, and not an easy one at that, it's just not my choice) 
I started DOING things with my friends, going out, getting to REALLY know them, spending quality time with them and making memories. Also started really thinking about what I want to do with my future, networking, making valuable connections with people. 
I have always been healthy and cared about fitness, but I have started to be much more in tune with my body and actually dedicated to being the best version of myself, physically and mentally. Fitness is actually an incredible feeling!

Stage three.

Frustration. Yeah, stage two seemed all too good to be true? That's because it was... All of the above is 100% true and I still swear by it all...BUT...
You realise in this world, you now NEED internet to actually do all the things you need to do in these cool jobs you now have, to contact the people you have now met and to save the photos of the memories you have now created. Saying that, I do believe you can do it without internet, but you have to have some seriously strong moral thoughts on this and powerful commitment to the belief. I don't, sorry. The Electronic Music, and just music scene in general, really doesn't allow for that.

Stage four.

A whole lot of switching between stages two and three. 
The arguments, the annoyance of losing money and time thanks to jobs you can't do/take longer. Being forced into actually SEEING people, resulting in having way more fun. Not being able to talk to your boyfriend properly other than in Pret (Pret, I love you forever). Thinking you've got it, then realising Talk Talk have screwed it up again, and again, and again. Paying £90 a month on phone bills because you've had to pay for more data, and then ran out again and realised - IPHONES DON'T WORK WITHOUT DATA... like... AT ALL.

Stage five.

The day you finally get internet again! Yeah, so, what does it do again?

Over doing it and spending far too much online shopping. Writing blog posts. Taking the opportunity to work from home, in your PJs all day, finally.
Basically, I am currently binging or you could call it a relapse...

BUT. Lesson?

I genuinely prefer human contact. 
I have learnt so much about myself on this little internet cleanse. Yes, I had limited access to internet whilst in the office or for those few days a month I actually had data on my phone, (Snapchat and Instagram apparently RINSE all data) but that's the definition of weaning right?
I have over come so many of my weird hang ups, just as a result of going out and putting myself in scary/beneficial situations. 
I have done SO much for myself, partially because Will (boyfriend) hasn't been here as well (sorry to admit that one Willy...what can I say, you're needy ;).)

Proof that I have actually stepped outside my house and not hid under a rock? Okay, here you go:

1|| Your Mum's House, The Nest with Casey
2|| Walk to work over Tower Bridge
3|| New Job includes being in studios. Yeah. Awesome, I know
4|| My little Chia Seed
5|| All Saints Squad. Ollie, Emma & Alex. Babes.
6|| SW4 Festival with the Chia Seed
7|| So this happened at work. A dog. In a bag.
8|| This also happened at work... Clearly there were mixed feelings.

So, I recommend it, put yourself into internet rehab/cleanse/whatever you wanna call it. It might actually shock you how much fun you have and how much there is to learn about the people you already know, they aren't actually that lame.

Much Love,

Chloë Rona


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